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I Will Survive: The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault and Abuse
by Lori S. Robinson

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I’ll be speaking and signing books around the country in the months to come. Please check back periodically to see if I’ll be in your area.
Here are some of the important messages you will find in
I Will Survive:
  • Sexual assault and abuse is never the victim's fault.
  • No matter the circumstances of your victimization, deep healing is always possible.
  • Black women are more likely to be victimized than White women, and are less likely to seek help.
  • Because of African-Americans’ unique history of racist and sexist victimization, the Black community has an even harder time than others dealing with rape. This prevents survivors from getting help and our community from addressing the issue effectively.
  • Ordinary women and men are making great strides in the struggle against sexual violence every day.
  • Sexual violence is not a women vs. men issue; it is a matter of keeping our entire community healthy, safe and whole.
Praise for I Will Survive:

"This book challenges the victims of rape to accept their innocence and to heal, and it challenges the black community to heal from our history of oppression that often leads us to oppress each other. This powerful book is scientifically accurate, culturally relevant and personally passionate. It is, in the final analysis, a book about healing."
— Dr. David Satcher, Former Surgeon General; Director,
    National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse School
    of Medicine

“You can’t read this book and not feel the pain and suffering sexually abused African Americans have endured for centuries. Lori Robinson walks us through the process of what we need to do to survive. This is a must read for all who have been abused and for all of us who want to help in their recovery.”
— Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Former Surgeon General

“Lori Robinson has made the ancestors proud with her courageous and transformative testimony about a subject kept too long in the shadows. This sister offers a healing hand, an understanding voice and, most importantly, a path from the abyss of sexual violence to an unvanquished reclamation of life.”
— Evelyn C. White, Editor, The Black Women’s Health Book

“This is a book that offers expertise an d compassion in equal measure. I Will Survive makes the point that a significant barrier to sexual healing for African Americans is the notion that it's wrong ask for help. This is the antidote. Lori Robinson offers sensible, practical, and caring advice for survivors and those who love them about how to get the help they need and deserve. It is a book grounded in reality, and offering hope.”
— Leslie Calman, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, NOW
     Legal Defense and Education Fund

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